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Use our Find a Plan tool to find, compare and pick the plan that's best for you. Looking to buy an Apple iPhone? Rogers and Fido are having a limited-time, in-store promotion on some of their plans, which include extra bonus data at a cheaper cost. Check it out! As newer phones are released, older smartphone users are left with something to be desired with their cameras. But fear not! Here are some fabulous apps that can enhance your photo-taking ventures for both the old and the new.

What are some of the best phones of ? Apple, Samsung, Google?

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Though there aren't as many options as there were before, these plans could prove to be good deals, especially for families who use little to no data. That's not much data to go around for lots of families, especially if you have four or five devices tied to the plan. Spreading those amounts of data over more devices may not be practical for many people, but it will keep your costs low.

Note that these are bare-bones plans. On the upside, if you do have any data left at the end of the month, you can roll it over to the next month. It updated them last year to add the TV content obtained through its acquisition of Time Warner. As you add more lines, your per-phone rate drops: Need help finding one?

There are a few big catches.

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As with the Mobile Share Plus plans, video streaming is limited to standard-definition quality. That plan lets you pick one of a handful of premium movie, music, or entertainment offerings. And they include 15GB of mobile hot spot service per line. After trying to position itself as the cheapest carrier for a few years, Sprint has resorted to offering multiple tiers of unlimited service—just like everyone else. As you add more phones, the per-line cost falls.

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After you use up that data allotment, you get unlimited hot spot service at 3G speeds. The plan still features Hulu.


It also offers unlimited talk and text in Canada and Mexico, along with 5GB per month of high-speed data service in these countries. It includes HD video streaming, music streaming at 1. The plan also offers 15GB of high-speed mobile hot spot service—plus unlimited 3G service—and both Hulu and the Tidal music streaming service.

Just like the basic plan, this one delivers unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada, but your monthly data allowance in these countries doubles to 10GB. You also get data security services from Lookout, your mobile hot spot allowance gets doubled to GB, and you get unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico. Heavy data users, beware: Like its competitors, Sprint reserves the right to cut your speeds when data demand is high, regardless of what tier of service you shell out for.

In this case, that applies to customers who use more than 50GB per month—which, admittedly, is a lot of data. T-Mobile does not let you share data. You must purchase it separately for each phone in your household.

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Like the pricier plans, T-Mobile Essentials includes unlimited talk, text, and data. Another important detail to note when crunching the numbers: In the T-Mobile One plans, the taxes and fees are included; in the lower-priced Essentials plans, they are not.

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  6. So what are you missing out on if you sign up for Essentials? Well, for one thing, Netflix. It's usually included in T-Mobile One plans that have at least two lines. Essentials customers also fall to the bottom of the priority list for data speeds during heavy traffic times. And Essentials customers who use more than 50GB per month may see their speeds dip even further. For T-Mobile One customers, the company will throttle your data speeds only if you go over that 50GB-per-month threshold. Travel outside the country much?

    Compare ALL Cell Phones Plans & Carriers in British Columbia

    Essentials customers get unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico and Canada. Texting is unlimited in more than destinations around the world. In addition to unlimited texting in those plus destinations, T-Mobile One also includes unlimited 2G data use.