1. NetGuard

For now, I'm going to stay the course. Neat idea using the VPN setting, but I agree it probably introduces a number of other security concerns. Techwiz , Jan 8, Feb 29, Posts: Last edited: Jan 9, TheWindBringeth , Jan 9, Jan 30, Posts: Sonoran Desert. Is there any way to add a block all rule at the bottom of the allow rules? Victek , Jan 9, TheWindBringeth Thanks for this information.

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Good find for non-root users. Techwiz , Jan 9, FOXP2 , Jan 9, Techwiz , Jan 10, Jun 14, Posts: This gets my vote of being the best firewall for non-rooted Android. Feb 10, Posts: Europe then Asia.

2. NetGuard

Umbra , Jan 14, FOXP2 , Jan 14, FOXP2 That, of course, will have no effect on ads served by amazon, akamai, cloudfront and the likes of Admob, Admarvel, etc. I've had great success on my end, because I limit myself to a small number of applications. Fortunately, their developers haven't caught on. If you are still having problems, might I also recommend a DNS server that filters ads. I've had mixed results on an un-rooted iPhone. It's hit or miss with advertisements. Another reason to love android. Techwiz , Jan 15, I've been using this NoRoot firewall for a while and am wondering about what real value it adds in terms of enhancing privacy - realistically what can be achieved?

I can see how very knowledgeable users can write rules to block ads, etc, but it seems to me the larger problem is app permissions. Too many apps have unnecessary permissions and what is required is ad-blocking and anti-tracking capability comparable to what we have for desktops - apps like AdBlock Plus and Ghostery, etc. I understand that perfect privacy cannot be achieved on a desktop either, but can you even get close with a cellular device? The carrier network back-end "owns" these things. Victek , Jan 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. You sure ask a lot of questions quickly. I am no real expert, but I can try to help however I can. I have answered them in order as you asked, for the most part. The average smartphone user probably should not root their phone. Look it up for more details as to why. Some phones cannot even be rooted. A firewall simply allows you to control internet access of the apps on your phone.

It is only using this function of your phone to work. That is not a function of a firewall. Duckduckgo is available for use both as a search engine so that it can be used with most any browser and as an app.

Part 2: NoRoot Data Firewall

It appears to be ok, I use it myself quite a bit. It claims to have high security standards, but this is largely affected by the user settings. Mostly, I like the search results, which are less biased than Google.

Werbung entfernen (ohne root)

This is where a proxy, such as TOR, or even Duckduckgo can help. Yes, TOR is slower than normal web use, due to how it works. Some of this can be helped by using a fast browser. Firefox is slower than molasses in Alaska, so I use Lightning Browser. Some browsers are not TOR compatible.

Grey Shirts NoRoot Firewall for ANDROID

If I want a real VPN, I normally use TOR, as it can be used just for that function alone, and it does not affect speed near as much when used in that way. It is free, and works great. You just have to watch some short ads to obtain time, or else it will cut off every 30 minutes. For a short jog on the web, it is fine.

3 of the Best Firewall Apps for Android in - Make Tech Easier

You will find that android only allows one VPN service at a time, so you will not be able to run any VPN app at the same time as a firewall that uses the VPN function to work. This can be gone around by rooting your phone and using a firewall that uses root to work, instead of the VPN service. You've decided to leave a comment.

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NoRoot Firewall privacy concerns, manipulation possible?

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