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The latest update allows users to store personal information and identity documents in the cloud. Main Idea: The app allows users to securely commmunicate with other users via their smart devices.

The best apps every Windows Phone user should have

The Windows Phone version, still in public beta at the time of writing, offers improved search, faster performance and a revised UI. Securely store the passwords for accounts you access on your Windows Phone. The app has a media library for audio and video files, a complete audio library, with metadata fetching.

VLC supports multi-track audio and subtitles, speed control. Adobe's PhotoShop Express is without the doubt the most impressive tool for editing photos on a Windows Phone device. As is the case on the Android and iPhone iteration, it features plenty of editing tools to make your picture shine. Crop, adjust red eye, white balance, contrast, noise, tone and much more, it's a must-have, even if you're not an avid photographer.

All of these actions only require one or two taps of the screen to completely transform your snaps, making it easy for even the novice to use. You can also add a varied selection of filters, called 'Looks'. Although it's not on par with Instagram, it's still pretty impressive and can give a new lease of life to any picture that may have been adversely affected by shaky hands. Photo Editor pro , Photo Editor by Aviary.

Adobe Systems Incorporated. The app also allows you to view password-protected documents for extra security, convert DOC, RTF, and easily share files and documents between team members. PDF Reader. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. So, how do these two differ and what do they have in common? And more importantly, which one should you pick in ? At first glance, these two operating systems seem quite similar, as far as the GUI is concerned. And while the roots of both can be traced back to Unix, iOS and Android are very different in one key respect.

Difference between Android and Windows Phone | Android vs Windows Phone

What this means is that anyone is free to improve, change, and adapt it as they see fit, leading to Android being much more widespread and implemented in a wide variety of different devices. However, this flexibility comes at the cost of optimization and security that iOS is known for. And at face value, that does seem true: One word: Meanwhile, even mid-range Android phones have had octa-core CPUs for years now. However, the same still stands: As a matter of fact, even older-generation iPhones tend to beat newer Android flagships in benchmarks.

iOS iPhone vs Android: ¿Cual es mejor? (en Español)

All in all, while Android phones almost always have superior hardware specs on paper, iPhones offer better performance in the vast majority of cases. From a technical standpoint, OLED is the superior technology for three reasons:. Much like displays, the quality of a smartphone camera depends entirely on the OEM. In the case of Apple, iPhones have always had excellent cameras, although most high-end Android phones come with camera setups just as good, if not better.

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The differences between flagship cameras are still fairly minor, both on paper and in practice. The only way to tell apart the cameras of, say, the iPhone Xs and the Google Pixel 3 is to put them side by side. And even then, the untrained eye is unlikely to notice any real difference. As for the more affordable budget and mid-range Android phones, the camera quality varies greatly from OEM to OEM based on which area they decide to cut corners in. As such, there is no way to determine a clear winner in this category either. Not only that, but Android phones also allow users to access third-party app stores, such as the Amazon Appstore.

Now, we all know that quantity does not equal quality. And finally, there is the matter of pricing.

HTC One M8 Android vs One M8 for Windows: Both devices are winners

The Play Store definitely does have more free apps than the App Store does, but this does come with some strings attached, and those strings are ads. Needless to say, nobody likes being interrupted by pesky advertisements when using apps or playing games, and if you want an ad-free experience, you will have to buy the app just as you would on the App Store.

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Nonetheless, being able to test out an app for free before buying it is a very welcome option. In the end, we will give the win in this category to Android, as a greater variety of diverse apps is always welcome, not to mention that it has access to some types of apps that are simply not available on the App Store, such as console emulators.

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For the past few generations, it has pretty much been the same deal with Apple. Each year, we would see a new phone with the same fundamental design. Things did change when the iPhone X was introduced, incorporating a screen with very thin bezels and heralding a new era in iPhone design which is bound to remain largely unchanged in the next few years. But considering that iPhones are only made by a single company that releases only a handful of models each year, a lack of variety is understandable.

So, who wins in this regard? Quite obviously, it is Android, as Android phones cover a much wider portion of the price spectrum and usually introduce some useful features years before they are implemented in iOS.

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Needless to say, the iOS experience is highly stable but not at all customizable.