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Skyfire Mobile Browser 1.

Softpedia Homepage. Skyfire 1. Dec 10, Other improvements include: Assures that a text entry box moves into view in case the virtual on-screen keyboard covers it - Updated Flash and Silverlight: Updated both to the newest version available - Updated Start Page: Optimized for high resolution devices - Performance: Click to load comments.

All rights reserved. But this alternative browser also switches between full and mobile sites on the fly, offers pinch-to-zoom function, and runs on WebKit. Skyfire 2.

It's built on the same WebKit back-end as Android's own browser, and mobile Safari on iPhones, so it renders pages accurately and smoothly. Its key function, though, is converting Flash-based video to H.

Third-party mobile browsers Skyfire and Bolt give Opera a run for its money

This usually works, sometimes doesn't, and every so often seems to cause a crash. Still, it's a nice work-around for videos you really want to watch, if you can't wait for or likely won't receive the Android 2.

Skyfire 1.5 on Nokia N97! Watch it!!

Skyfire's also got a handy switcher between full and mobile-formatted versions of a site, and uses Skyfire's servers for other background processing to speed things up. It's a free download for Android phones, with Skyfire 1.

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