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When I wake up 9. So I didn't download any applications after the restore. The problem is still happening. Posted on Mar 2, 2: Page content loaded. Mar 2, 2: Mar 2, 5: No, I did not have an exchange account on the phone. I did a full restore, so I don't think there is an unsent e-mail or a message. Check the battery. If it has stopped draining, add them back and it should be OK. If it is still draining with the accounts deleted run the battery down until the phone shuts off and does not restart, then charge for 4 hours with the wall charger.

This should fix it. If it doesn't please post back.

Testing the iPhone 4S' battery life

Check it should be within 2 to 3 percent per 10 min of regular but consistent usage of the phone, like browsing or phone call. Sounds like it is what it should be and you just a bit over concerned. Mar 2, 6: Mar 3, 5: Thank you very much for your answers, but my concern is not "using" battery percentage, it's "stanby" mode. Didn't touch the phone exactly, I was sleeping. And it seems to be in use in that time, not standby.

Today I will wait until the phone shuts itself down, and charge after that. I will post the result, thank you again. Mar 3, 8: I think, I understand your concern now, but the reason we use "usage" mode as an example the "real" standby mode does not exist for you yet. Give it overnight on charging cable. Make sure it is charged to and stayed on charger at least half an hour past that charge. By that time your standby will be real, unless you keep making changes to the phone.

Don't worry about thanking me, I come here to learn. Just like you. Mar 28, I had a similar problem. Usage time was almost the same as stand by time just minutes difference and battery drained very fast. I noticed that battery drained in about 12 hours against 1. I started with replacing battery - that did not help. Then I did resets, restores, changes of Apple ID. Nothing helped. So eventually I figured out that usage time was almost the same as standby time and the only reason that caused it was the SIM-card.

iPhone 4S Battery Life Drain - It's a bug! Improve Battery w/ Simple Fix!

I put my old SIM-card and the usage time dropped causing battery life to go back to normal hours. Both cards are from the same operator. To confirm my conclusion I did a little research. Five other persons in my company had iPhone 4S with iOS 6 or higher.

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All of them had SIM-cards from the same operator which I did. Some of them had corporate SIM-cards, some had private ones. Two of them had 8-pin SIM-cards and had usage time almost the same as standby time. Three of them had 6-pin SIM-cards and their usage time was times less than standby time. Now the usage time and battery life are back to normal. So it's not some application or mail causing the usage time. Changing SIM-card helped to solve battery drain issue here https: May 6, 9: Hello, I have been investigating that, and I almost sure that the problem is that you share your iPhone 3G connection to any other device.

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Is it correct? Please confirm.

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  5. Aug 8, 2: Hi there this is my first and probably last post, iv had the same problem as everyone else i tried everything n nothing worked but guess what did work? All i did was clean the conector port on the bottom of the phone and its all sorted, took me a week n a half of debugging , so to all those people who have been down the same road of deleting apps n email adresses changing settings n rebooting times just try and clean the usb conector where u plug ur charger in.

    Testing the iPhone 4S' battery life - CNET

    My phone can now easily be on standby for hours plus just like it was before. Oct 21, 3: I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to reply here because I had the same problem and was able to fix it. I'm not sure if this is going to work for you or anyone else who's having this problem but it's worth the try.

    It's been suggested already, namely restoring your iPhone as a new advice but I want to describe how it happened and what I did. I've got a iPhone 4S and the problem started when I had accidentally opened the app called Bump. To make this change, go to: Turning it off when not in use is good a way to save power.

    The same is true of Bluetooth; turn it off.

    Troubleshoot shortened battery life on your Apple iPhone 4s

    Dropping down to every 30 minutes will probably bring a longer battery life for most people, and checking only once an hour will almost certainly result in a noticeable improvement. Please, share it with us in the Brighthand forums. Visit our network of sites: