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If you select both exchange and bundle option, an additional exchange discount of the exchange option will not be applied. Are you sure to proceed? Galaxy C8. Galaxy C8 Expand. Availability at branches. Zoom in Up key Down Left Right. Smart camera with main camera fitted with F1.

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Color Champagne Gold Champagne Gold. Add-on product. Where to Buy. Get stock alerts. Please double check your email address. Smart camera Main camera fitted with F1. True and accurate color reproduction The main camera focuses on capturing colors and recording vivid details. Make your statement with the depth of field dual-camera Just shoot and focus later. High definition picture quality The main camera at the back of the phone is equipped with F1. Front fill-in light for truly stunning selfies The Galaxy C8 comes with a front selfie flashlight as well as Screen Flash and Bright Face functions.

It feels as good as it looks The sleek design of the Galaxy C8 is simple irresistible. Dual Messenger Stay tuned to two instant messaging software accounts on one smartphone Dual Messenger works with single or dual SIM cards. Superlative visual experience Blue light filter to care for your eyes Super AMOLED touchscreen offers sensitive response and brilliant picture quality. Always-On Display Low power consuming feature that displays frequently used information in real time Even in locked screen mode, Always-On Display can show you useful information like time, date, unread messages and incoming calls for easy reference.

Secure Folder Defence-grade security to safeguard your privacy The Galaxy C8 offers a number of solutions to safeguard your privacy. Show All Specs. Processor CPU Speed 2. See The Answer. Live Chat Start Chatting. See All Support. OK Close Layer. YES No. A great alternative to the iPad mini Kaynak: Samsung Galaxy Tab S Kaynak: As far as flagship tablets are concerned, the Tab S 8.

Thanks to its lightweight and thin design, this is one of the better design for that type of usage. In Landscape mode, it is an amazing device to watch movies on and to play games. Hitting the iPad Where it Hurts Kaynak: It's got more than enough power to do whatever you'd like to do, and it's slim, light and attractive as well. There are no real major faults with it - if you don't like the price, there are plenty of cheaper models in Samsung's arsenal.

This is a device for those who like to splurge, and there is no shortage of such people in the world. If this doesn't make a dent in the iPad sales figures perhaps nothing will. There are still question marks over Android which aren't all Samsung's fault. With the release of Android L in the autumn some of these problems might be ironed out, but when the Tab S will get Samsung's version of the new operating system is anyone's guess. The 8. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8. No other series of tablets — iPad included — gives you such an outstanding combination of screen quality, lightness and thinness.

On a software level, it has a few cool tricks up its sleeve as well. But there is that pesky lack of edge touch rejection, along with a tablet app library that still lags behind the App Store's. The Tab S 8. But for those reasons it isn't quite the no-brainer buy over the Retina iPad mini that it could have been. First Impressions Kaynak: Both will hit the Indian market in the second week of July.

Although the pricing is a bit on the higher side, the impressive specifications and interesting features might give the Galaxy Tab S series an advantage in the price-conscious Indian market. Our initial impressions are very good, so stay tuned for our more detailed observations and test results in our full review. High-res tablet takes aim at iPad mini 2 and Nexus 7 Kaynak: There's a lot of tech packed into this device, such as the fingerprint scanner and IR blaster, but while it price-matches the iPad mini you will have to pay more for it than rival Android tablets such as the Nexus 7.

S-class coupe Kaynak: It is also the first compact Android tablet which can legitimately give the iPad mini 2 a bloody nose not only on paper, but also in real life, without downplaying Google's and Amazon's efforts. Samsung takes another swipe at the iPad Kaynak: For productivity, nothing beats a Windows 8. The best tablet games also still come out on iOS first. The screen's the thing with this iPad rival Kaynak: Add to fact that both the 8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S review: The As for the 8.

However, with so many Android apps not optimized for high-resolution displays, you often won't see the benefit like you would on the iPad mini with Retina Display, which has a huge library of optimized apps. Samsung Galaxy Tab S First look Kaynak: The first tablet we took for a spin in front of our video camera is the Galaxy Tab Apple and Samsung's mini tablets go head to head Kaynak: It's a tablet well worth considering if you've been thinking about buying the iPad mini 4, as it can contend and sometimes outshine Apple's tablet when it comes to design and power. It's almost unbelievably thin and light and that screen is a joy to use.

This tablet is about to make its way into the best tablet char, and it won't come quietly. It brings you all the great features of its bigger brother, but in a smaller, even lighter form design. If screen size matters, then the Tab S2 9. For the price and all, you get an incredibly skinny and lightweight tablet filled with high-end specs and a better-than-average performance across the board. Andbeyond the thinner and lighter design, it can't keep up with the iPad Air 2.

There's still plenty of reason to invest in this reading and web surfing-friendly tablet. Its size and shape is better suited for everything but video, and for some, that's a big plus. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8. Samsung leads the way with its Galaxy Tab S2, a beautifully crafted slate with a gorgeous display, subtle accents, and a soft-touch backside.

Measuring 5. The most important aspect of any tablet is the screen, and here the Galaxy Tab S2 just knocks it clean out of the park. Everything from movies to games to animated GIFs look utterly stupendous — so good, in fact, that I regularly found myself picking up the Tab S2 in preference to my iPad mini 2. It certainly has a premium price, but it has a great screen and excellent battery life. It wins a Recommended award.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Seri

However, if you're not tied to Android, I think the iPad Mini 4 has the edge. Apple's tablet may have worse battery life, but has similar screen quality and is significantly faster. If you're looking for something else entirely, our best tablets article can help. It has a gorgeous screen that's great for reading or watching videos and a thin-and-light design that not only makes it super portable, but also beautiful.

Android Lollipop shines on the Tab S2 - thanks to its solid octa-core performance. You get a more powerful processor, a display that remains one of the best on the market, and hardware that's lighter, thinner, and more beautiful than ever before, all for the same price as last year's model. If you're in the market for a smaller tablet, it should be at the top of your list. Kompakte Tablets im Doppeltest Kaynak: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9. Come on Samsung, make that keyboard cheaper! Factor in the price, and the Galaxy Tab S2 9. The Samsung offers good performance in everyday use and is likely to deliver better battery life than the iPad as well.

Not quite, but in many ways it feels like an Android iPad.

Samsung Tablet Klavye

There's lot to like about this tablet. There's a great deal of vibrancy to the display and while that looks good in many apps, it can be a little over-bearing depending on the content you're viewing. It adds pop to website images, but isn't as natural when it comes to watching your favourite movies.

We like the 4: Come on Samsung UK, make that keyboard cheaper! In Depth Kaynak: Probably not, considering the wider field of tablets available today, especially those from Apple. Over the course of the review I've found some aspects of the Tab S2 to be really great, and others that need improvement next time around. It's worth going over them all again before coming to any final conclusions about the tablet. The original Tab S had plenty going for it -- except few people bought it. That's one reason Samsung might have chosen to make its new model more iPad-like. But by focusing on the spec race with Apple, instead of what's actually best for consumers, Samsung ended up sacrificing one of its best features: I personally prefer the smaller size because of its portability—I typically travel with just my purse on me.

It's slim, light and has a generally excellent screen, as long as you're willing to put up with a slight yellow tint for the sake of excellent contrast. However, it sits in an odd position in the tablet market. Rather, for this one, Samsung appears to have resigned itself to making something close to an iPad.

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This is one gorgeous display, too. The tablet is especially compelling if you own both a Samsung phone and a Samsung TV, because of how well this tablet's software integrates with those devices. Flagship iOS and Android tablets are almost identical Kaynak: The S2 wins on dimensions but it's so close that this is really just bragging rights and both tablets have top-notch specs. Aside from the choice between iOS and Android storage and price are the big differences here with that potentially deal breaking Micro-SD card slot found on Samsung's tablet only. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review: Hands-on Kaynak: It also helps give the tablet its exceptionally shallow depth an insane 5.

Galaxy Tab S2 (, ") | SM-TYZKEXSP | Samsung Singapore

If you're in the market for an Android tablet and have a bit of money to spend, though, you should definitely consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 hands-on: Lighter than an iPad in build, but not features Kaynak: Although we need to test the tablets fully, we are already of the mind that if you are an Android fan and are in the market for a new tablet, these will be worth considering.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Fiyatı Ve Özellikleri

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Kaynak: The slim form factor, high resolution display, speedy performance, light weight all make it an ideal tablet to consider if you are only looking at Android tablets. You can snap on a keyboard and use it for working with Office related apps as well. Samsung has reduced the weight and size of the new tablet without compromising on build or rigidity, which is commendable. The 4: Samsung has the edge over the other two when it comes to expandable storage and the ability to make voice calls.

Fornyelse efterlyses Kaynak: Flaggschiff mit Top-Display und flinkem Prozessor Kaynak: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review Kaynak: The top of the display cowl also needs to be magnetic, and will flip off the display when closed. The software is unfinished and the multitasking capabilities are buggy and limited. If you're looking for a high-end device to rival the iPad Pro running Google's software then this is it.

When used for simple notes and sketching, the S Pen is generally great. Our only major grips are around the difference in responsiveness of the S Pen in various apps, the lack of bass and that the touch-sensitive button that opens the app switcher is irritatingly easy to knock. But overall, the Galaxy Tab S3 is an excellent tablet that really looks the part.

It's a worthy competitor to the 9. Needs some spit and polish to be an iPad Pro competitor Kaynak: This slate has an amazing build quality, good overall performance, decent camera and much improved S-Pen. But on the other side, its pricing is a huge let down as it costs you a bomb, in addition you have to purchase the Keyboard Cover at Rs.

Overall performance is good, but it is hard to recommend it considering the price. If it was priced 10 to 15K lesser, then it would have been bang for the buck. Fall in love with tablets again Kaynak: But you will have to fork out more cash and deal with a completely different operating system. Samsung surely has given its best shot in the Android tablet market with the Galaxy Tab 3. We really don't see any other brand coming close it, at least not in the next few months.

The best Android tablet you can buy Kaynak: It get many things right, especially when it comes to consuming content. For example, the 9. The overall performance and the quality of sound from the quad speakers is okay, if not the best. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: Great hardware in a dying form factor Kaynak: It is, however, a lot more practical than a traditional tablet because it comes with a fully functional keyboard attached and it has the ability to run full Windows I firmly believe that that is the future for the tablet and that makes it very hard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to be anything more than a reminder of the past.

Can the Galaxy Tab S3 replace your everyday computing needs? However, when it comes to image editing and things like that, you might be better off sticking with your current computer and use the Tab S3 for other things. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Best Android tablet Kaynak: The tablet comes loaded with some premium design coupled with a compact look, though the specifications are pretty much standard across this price range. But do remember you have to spend some extra bucks for its keypad cover.

It can also turn into a sort of substitute for a laptop using the pogo keyboard cover. Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review - Slim and powerful 9. At RM it is priced equal compared to other tablets within this range but getting the RM keyboard cover makes it all a bit pricey. Especially since you can get the less powerful Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for about the same price tag or lower. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: As one might expect, these features do come at a price.

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What we do like is that the Tab S3 borrows the improved camera interface of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Flipping between the two cameras is done with a swipe up or down directly on the screen much better than trying to find the tiny camera switch button. Menus are one swipe to the left, and effects are one swipe to the right.

The best Android tablet you can buy today Kaynak: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9. A great tablet, if you still need one Kaynak: It's available now. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Kaynak: That's a question the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 hopes to answer with an unequivocal yes. But me personally?


I'm not so sure. However, it's not without downsides. The price will be too high for many and doesn't include the Keyboard Cover, the software isn't the best for a tablet and that glass back isn't the best choice for multiple reasons. Based on its portability, decent battery life and quick charging. Display is still some of the best out there but would love to see HDR supported by apps to really push its full potential.

Included S-Pen is a nice touch and awesome to use but wish it had a built-in slot or magnet for the Tab S3. The Galaxy Tab S3 is realistically a great media consumption powerhouse and is great for viewing content. Android's worthy rival to the iPad Pro Kaynak: Leaving aside the Google Pixel C, the Tab S3 is probably the best option for anyone that doesn't want to splash out on an iPad. The included S Pen is great, too. Samsung Tab S3 Review: Finally, an Android tablet built with enterprise users in mind Kaynak: It is reliable, offers similar battery life, and the addition of the S Pen and additional features can't be overlooked.

The next great Android tablet Kaynak: The only issue you might have is that Android itself is still figuring out multitasking, and even with the Tab S3's native multi-window functionality, I'd much rather have the freedom of a desktop to spread out my work than be confined to a finicky task switcher. As a note taking, media presenting, top-notch entertainment tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the best on the market today. For those in the Samsung device ecosystem of smart devices, this tablet has great potential as a sweet-spot between smartphone and PC — ideal for evening couch-time use.

And they mostly work as touted.