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What's New on SuperCheats? Modern War. Need more help? Ask a question Start a discussion. Hints App Freezes Solution More hints. Energy How toget free gold How do I turn on the green arrows on the map section? More questions.

Posts Discussion build your alliance Join a Faction get more powerful now! By Tvmotorco Click here for all reviews. App Freezes Solution. How to boots your gold bar???

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What is fortification? I'm a faction.. I was recently advised to leave my f.. Modern War Cheats. It takes way more than a couple random train rides to get yourself a good standing on the digital battlefield.

Modern War Cheats for iPhone - iPad

By the way — are you a cheater? Then hit up the following LINK and unlock some goodies that will make you an unstoppable leader! Guidescroll made sure to clear up these acronyms for you all. Once you pick up on all these terms, everything will start to become a little bit clearer:.

NOT the skill point values unless noted. Usually to gain experience, valor, money, or to accomplish a mission goal. Player versus Environment Any action or progress made in a mission goal featured in any of the maps. Actions are map exclusive and not directed toward any player.

Build a Modern War Alliance Automatically! - Modern War Alliance Codes

The act of deliberately slowing down the process of leveling up. Usually in order to build strong economy income and vault. Also used in order to avoid strong opponents who raid and attack often. Camping is carried out by maintaining a low ally count, avoiding PVP, and avoiding actions that lead to gains in experience and generally focusing on economy building.

Automatically build your Modern War alliance!

The act of repeatedly attacking a target in order to gain a specific unit, amount of cash, or other thing. Cash from buildings cannot be protected by vault. When your ready to configure your base, be sure to drop a few buildings in there. This helps fortify your defenses more than usual, plus it nets you more cash as the game rolls on.

Level up your buildings to the max for as much income and defenses as you can muster. Leveling Up Without Getting Beaten. Stopping losing battles. Build Your Allies. Join a faction. Get Allies without request or golds. Just game experience. The Epic Strategy to Winning a hard battle. Improve your att and def ratio. How to win raids all the time.

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  • Modern War Cheats for iPhone - iPad.
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App freezes solution. Waterfont Warehouse Where do we have to put the waterfont warehouse Need to get a dock How do I get a dock I have tried repeatedly I am lvl 34 I have right at 70 allies and every time I try it wont take I was with a faction but they No money paid out I don't get money paid after completing a goal.

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